Over 2.5 million km in a CX!

This article appears thanks to the Andre Citroen Club, and is translated from the German by Sarah Allen of Allen MFL Associates, Wilmington.

After having to hear so much negative information about our cars (car engine, sport and similar), I want to tell you about the fate of my last three-axled Loadrunner 1: It was put into service in October 1987 as a totally normal CX TRD 2 Break. After a bit of rear damage in 1989, it was converted to a  Six-wheeler. The tachometer showed 245,000km.

Extended and sprayed a new colour, it did the job and travelled regularly six times per week from Frankfurt to Vienna. After changes of plans by the client, it had to travel seven times per week for a while. This became too boring and it began its tours in Switzerland.

Although it always needed less than 5 hours for the route from Frankfurt to Geneva, it never had to pay a fine in the well monitored neighbouring state. As it began its work in the direction of Switzerland, a speedometer, which had been changed three times but always adjusted to the current status, showed 2,245,000km, in words: two million two hundred and forty five thousand kilometres.

It had to travel daily to Geneva for a while and died then after 9 years on the A67 on a practice run from my hometown to Frankfurt. Its speedometer showed exactly 2,646,343km. 

In this time, it wore out 9 engines, 3 of which were second-hand which I had converted from various turbo diesels, all Turbo I with 70kW/95PS.  One came from the CX-Basis and travelled on its first journey only as far as Oesingen near Berne. The cylinder head gave up there. After returning on the trailer, a new cylinder head was constructed and the engine carried on travelling from Bruhl/Baden via Frankfurt to Geneva. That’s where a connecting rod collapsed.  CX Basis never asked for a mark for this machine, however. They donated another head without charge which was also damaged when the car was written off.  The car used 8 engines, that is, each one did on average 300,000km, with the heavy load of newspapers.

Along with this three-axle, my last three-axle, mentioned at the beginning, died in my company. Even at the end it proved itself once more when it protected my colleague from any injury although it drove over an unlit, darkly sprayed Lamborghini Diablo, which had “parked” at 22:31 in the furthest left of three lanes. Yes, you have to dominate a racing machine like this Italian if you want to let it fly. Unfortunately the Lambo owner obviously couldn’t do this and my three-axle had to die … and the Citroen Dealer Hohl, in Speyer, who by the way supports our products well (which we experienced at the 30th ACC Annual Meeting in 1991), had to sell me a new XM 2.1 turbo diesel.

This is now the fourth XM which carries out the hard work of the press service. I have already sold one with 468,000km back to its homeland. It was only the gears which were replaced on this one and right at the end the cylinder head gasket was changed. Nobody in France wanted to believe that the car had been on the road for so long.

I’ve now got to replace the CX three-axle with VW transporter TDI as there aren’t any more. I can only say that the CX three-axle beats the VW Transporter for distances, not to mention comfort, as breakdowns were the exception for a CX before 200,000km and if there was one, then parts were always in supply. WithVW it takes 11/2 weeks for the injection pump to be delivered and fitted. Otherwise the parts supplies are so bad (greetings Lopez) that I wish for an affordable three-axle on a XM basis.

Citroen is much better than you think.

Helmut Bachmayer, 68782 Bruhl