Citroen CX Loadrunner: Technical Specifications

  • Number of seats :4
  • Length: 18ft 5” / 5610 mm
  • Width: 5 ft 9 inches / 1770 mm
  • Height: 4 ft 9 inches / 1465 mm
  • Wheelbase 3785 mm
  • Turning circle 44ft / 13.4m
  • Loadspace: 5ft 10” / 1780 mm long with the rear seats up, 8ft 8”/ 2640 mm long with the rear seats folded down
  • Maximum speed (estimated) 110 mph.

Engine / Transmission

  • 2500cc, transverse 4-cylinder water-cooled four-stroke, valves operated by push-rods
  • Compression ratio is 8.75:1 giving 138 bhp at 5000 rpm, and 148 lb/ft torque at 4000 rpm.
  • Fuel: petrol, injected / lpg. The lpg tank is mounted between the rear seats, hence 4 seats not 5.
  • Petrol tank capacity is 15 gallons / 68 litres; LPG tank capacity is 90 litres.
  • Ignition is by two coils with a flywheel sensor for timing. This means there is a redundant spark, i.e. the plug sparks every revolution rather than every other revolution. Camshaft is driven by chain not belt.
  • Gearbox: Three-speed automatic driving the front wheels only.
  • Fuel consumption: approx 21 mpg on petrol, similar on lpg.
  • The car is equipped for air-con but this is discharged.


  • Front suspension is independent, by upper and lower arms and steering knuckle.
  • Rear suspension is independent, by trailing arms.
  • Suspension medium is by hydropneumatic cylinders, supplied with fluid from the main hydraulic system via height correctors front and rear, anti-roll bar and bump and rebound stops. Suspension cylinders are fitted with spheres pressurised with nitrogen. There are six spheres for the suspension, one for each wheel, plus an accumulator sphere and a brake sphere = eight. The car rides at the same height regardless of load.
  • The hydraulic circuit operates the steering and brakes as well as the suspension. The steering system is known as the DIRAVI system, developed by Citroen for the SM, and returns the steering to the central position even when the car is at a standstill (provided tyre pressures are not too low.) This makes for easy parking!
  • The ABS system operates on the front 4 wheels.

(Note that most of the Loadrunners built in the 1980s were manual turbo-diesels.)